History of the Pansionat LODE

“In the beginning there was a word ...” In the history of the LODE boarding house, it was the word that was decisive, because it all began with the book by Vladimir Shushkevich “Padarozha vakol Lepelskaga vozera”, which fell into the hands of the head of the medical center. He came to a small island in the very heart of Lake Lepel - and left his heart here.

He did not have bold Napoleonic plans, he wanted to make a recreation center in a beautiful place - when you come to the boarding house, like to your home, and relax with your soul. And already in 2004, among the forest greenery on the island "LODE" appeared the first wooden houses and the first guests.

Over time, there were more and more guest houses on the island - and today they are three dozen cottages and wooden chalets, a cozy dining room with an open terrace, gazebos with fireplaces and sports grounds. A fragrant wood-fired sauna has grown near the lake, so that, after steaming, guests of the boarding house can swim in the lake. The rental of boats, boats, catamarans was opened. A mini-zoo was made for children, in which there are fallow deer and deer, an important handsome peacock, goats and rabbits, as well as horses and sled dogs Malamutes - participants in funny winter sled races.

On the beach, piers have been rebuilt so that you can walk, admiring the stunning lake views, or fish. After all, Lake Lepel is a real paradise for an inveterate fisherman: roach, and pike, and bream, and perch, and rudd are found here.

Several years ago, a park of military equipment appeared in the boarding house: boys love it so much - and often parents simply cannot be pulled away from large cars. And there stay also a rope town.

We do not stop - we continue to grow and develop, putting our souls into each new project. And we are waiting for new guests on the island, which leaves few people indifferent.