When talking and even arguing in a noisy company about recreation, the interlocutors always come to the same conclusion: recreation should also be different. Here's one who likes to sit at the fire, and the other wants to “enjoy fully all that life gives” and try out the whole range of entertainment activities. And there are no limits to your imagination and our capabilities.

LODE Island accommodates excellent fishing, soccer and volleyball playgrounds, gently sloping coasts, on which it is so pleasant to walk towards the sunset in the evenings, and the real oak of happiness people come to in order to confide to the tree their innermost desires. They say they always come true.

At the rental service of the Boarding House, there is a great choice of equipment for sports and leisure: volleyball, soccer balls, bicycles, rackets and shuttlecocks for playing badminton. There are also all kinds of accessories for swimming and a variety of board games.

In winter

In winter, you can rent a sled or bumper tubing and roll down the mountain, leaving snow tracks. Alternatively, you can choose skis or skates and go to the rink on a sunny day. There are also fun hockey battles on LODE Island. You can even rent a big sledge pulled by beautiful horses or a smaller sledge with a harness for malamutes, big northern dogs, which gladly drive guests around LODE Island.

For children

In spring and summer, you can rent beach accessories such as chairs, sun beds, air mattresses and swimming circles. For fishermen and lovers of lake walks, in the Boarding House there is a great choice of fishing rods and other fishing gear, as well as boats, catamarans and a boat for 10 people.

For kids on LODE Island, there is a wonderful playground, and for teenagers and adults, who remained children and adventurers at heart, there is a rope town. There are also mini-football tables on the territory of the Boarding House.

To rent games and equipment, you can contact the administrator from 8 AM to 8 PM (located in self-service diner building behind the bar).