In LODE Boarding House, children are most attracted to the mini-zoo. Every boy and girl tries to grab a piece of bread at lunchtime to give it to a handsome peacock, horse called Andromeda, or Alaskan malamutes. The latter were brought to the zoo of LODE Boarding House, so that the guests could ride in a dogpulled sled. Dogs are very friendly and fawn upon people, even though their ancestors were wolves. They were bred by the Malemute Eskimo tribe, hence the name.

Malamutes are intelligent animals, they do not accept obedience, and if you miss the education of a puppy, he will show who the master of the house is. Frequent and long walks for malamutes are just necessary for their health and the dog handler carefully monitors this.

In the mini zoo, also live ostriches, guinea fowls and a stately turkey, as well as a regal peacock and unusual ducks, called “Indian Runners”. These birds march around the aviary like soldiers, and everything that one duck does, at the same time, synchronously repeats the other. It was as if they had rehearsed their movements long and carefully.

There are also fluffy baby rabbits, graceful fallow deer and a cheerful goat in the mini-zoo: he makes hilarious faces, begging for treats from the children. In LODE Boarding House, a horse lives too, which both kids and adults enjoy riding on a fine day.